You love something a

{ whole lot more }

when you lose it.

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are well. I’m sorry i’ve havent been on in the last on in the last couple of months. We moved to a new apt in april & we didnt get wifi there. So ive been going to starbucks to use the wifi there or go to my tio’s. So I gonna say that im gonna go on hiatus till we get some kind of wifi. I get if you want to unfollow me i understand if you do. BYE I MISS YOU GUYS  

Am i the only one who remembers?”

B-but I’ve never been in a real tournament before!

♪ Cake, Cake, a round cake. Who is the round cake? 

Hinata Shouyou

"Middle Blocker. Hinata has an unusually high ability to jump. Since he was young, Hinata trained his legs to compensate for his lack of height. He joins Karusuno High School Volleyball team and amazes the team with his natural affinity as a spiker. Although he is a complete beginner and never had any experience playing in a volleyball team, he grows rapidly through each match.”

12 Days of SnK: [ Day 2 ] Favorite female character.

The one thing i’ll never forget is that you, Akemi Homura, are a demon!


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